March 26 (Reuters) – Prices of physical rubber compared with March 25

Grade Prices Change
Thai RSS3 (May)  $1.78/kg  unchanged
Thai STR20 (May)  $1.44/kg unchanged
Malaysia SMR20 (May) $1.42/kg  unchanged
Indonesia SIR20 (May) $0.76/lb unchanged
Thai USS3 48 baht/kg unchanged
Thai 60-percent latex (drum/May) $1,030/tonne unchanged
Thai 60-percent latex (bulk/May) $1,130/tonne unchanged

NOTE – The prices quoted above are offer prices collected from traders in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. They are not official prices quoted by state-run rubber agencies in those countries.

(Reporting by Kaweewit Kaewjinda in Bangkok; Editing by Prateek Chatterjee)


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